Reporting on the connections between education and work

Paul Fain

30 posts
A veteran higher education journalist and analyst, Paul focuses on the connections between education and the American workforce.
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Issue 40: A Lost Generation

The latest on the pandemic’s impact on children, higher ed’s mounting challenges, and long-term labor shortages. Also, Amazon backs community colleges and new evidence on college majors’ impact on inequity in earnings.
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Issue 38: Starting early

A look at how companies are seeking career pipelines for high school students, including the millions who are being homeschooled. Also, the boom in cannabis credentials and a new potential setback for income-share agreements.
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Issue 37: Vanishing for-profits

A temperature check with the University of Phoenix, which has pared back its offerings and may be poised for a sale. Also, dropping the ban on paying medical assistant students and research on career prep for undergrads.
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A conversation with Wake Forest’s Andy Chan

Andy Chan touched a nerve almost a decade ago when he argued in a TEDx talk that "career services must die." Since then, his ideas have gone mainstream. We caught up with him about what's changed for career development and what's next.