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Paul Fain

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A veteran higher education journalist and analyst, Paul focuses on the connections between education and the American workforce.
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Could intermediaries be the key to making apprenticeships take off?

This issue of The Job looks at a new group's push for funding of intermediaries that help set up and run apprenticeships. Also, an employer-backed project on “durable” skills, which could boost skills-based hiring, and a key Democrat budges on the fight over for-profits accessing Pell Grants for short-term programs.
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A new way to measure durable skills

America Succeeds has joined up with CompTIA to create a new assessment for skills like critical thinking and communication. We talked to Tim Taylor, the nonprofit’s president, about how this new tool can help make skills-based hiring a reality.
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The failure of vouchers in workforce training

This issue of The Job looks at a new analysis of the fragmented WIOA job training system and its 75K eligible programs, and a call to move away from voucher-style funding. Also, what information adult learners of color want on college programs.
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Betting big on tech apprenticeships

Bootcamp pioneer General Assembly bets on tech apprenticeships, with two-year programs heavy on mentoring. Also, Grand Valley State partners with five employers on a novel form of co-op.
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Republican’s unveil short-term Pell proposal

This issue of The Job looks at the earnings threshold in the new short-term Pell proposal from House Republicans. Also, survey data on job changers and online training, and a digital learning collaboration between Arizona State University and the U of Tennessee at Knoxville.
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