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A weekly newsletter from Paul Fain about connections between education and the American workforce. Get a veteran journalist’s take on what to watch as postsecondary education and job training systems work to better serve lower-income learners and workers.

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Training for jobs that companies ‘really need’

This issue of The Job looks at a Charlotte-based tech-training provider offering stipends and jobs with its corporate partners, while another startup upskills hospital workers. Also, more on outcomes-based loans and a foundation backs partnerships between community colleges and employers.
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How online training can ease healthcare demands

This issue of The Job looks at growing interest in online training for medical certifications and a private university that’s offering credit for MedCerts and other microcredentials. Also, an in-depth look at outcomes-based loans and how online learning may be fueling dual enrollment.
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The rise of outcomes-based loans

This issue of The Job looks at Social Finance expanding zero-interest loans for learners in short-term training programs, with support from governments and employers. Also, the White House calls for public-private partnerships to ramp up training for infrastructure jobs. And instructor training aimed at student success.
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Issue 52: Time poverty

This issue of The Job looks at whether frontline workers have enough time to use their free college benefits. Also, free Big Tech certificates for 200K learners and a call for intentional design around skills-based hiring.
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Issue 51: Course sharing

This issue of The Job looks at community colleges seeing efficiency and enrollment gains with online course sharing. Also, understanding and improving certifications, N.C.’s priority credential list, and training for tech jobs.
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Issue 42: Cloud credentials

This issue of The Job takes a look at how AWS plans to offer free cloud training to 29M people. Also, microcredentials from 10 big community colleges, new data on credential inflation and opportunity gaps, and a report on the science of working learners.
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Issue 41: Work experience

This issue of The Job features Forage and Podium, two players in the hot experiential learning space. Also, pathways to better jobs for young people, final fall college enrollment data, and a push for certificates by Texas.
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