A Moving Target—Preparing for AI with Ben Armstrong and Katy Knight

Veteran journalist Paul Fain gets real with expert guests about AI’s impact on education and work.

The Cusp explores AI’s impacts on education and work. Hosted by veteran journalist Paul Fain, the podcast features interviews with decision makers and innovators at the forefront of how AI is changing the ways we learn and work.

The Latest

In the latest episode, we dive into insights coming out of MIT’s Work of the Future initiative, which is researching how generative AI can contribute to higher-quality jobs. Ben Armstrong, a research scientist and the initiative’s co-lead, talks with Paul Fain about what he and his colleagues are finding—offering a highly informed reality check on AI and its impacts.

Following Ben is an interview with Katy Knight, executive director and president of the Siegel Family Endowment. Katy shares her take on the research from MIT, with an eye toward helping educators and workforce development pros prepare for the ripple effects across society as the technology takes hold.

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Episode 1

“This isn’t an important thing. This is the only important thing.”

George Siemens, a trusted, veteran thinker about technology’s impact on learning, talks with Paul about the big changes he sees underway with AI and warns that colleges are, thus far, missing a critical window to shape the tech.

Bonus Episode

We’ve seen similar disruptions, but we haven’t seen this disruption.”

Recorded live at SXSW EDU, this episode features three experts who are digging into AI’s impacts on education and work: Riddhima Mishra, research director at Learning Collider; Edith Yang, senior associate at MDRC; and Debbie Wasden, senior vice president at the Burning Glass Institute.

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